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Construction Service Softwares

SISO believes in complete offering – right from Construction Service Softwares to training to support functions. SISO is a cloud-based GIS and real-time data management platform designed by Construction Engineers for Construction Projects.



Capitalise collaboration, reduce risks associated with communication gap. Ensure transparent communication.

SISO Tunnel

SISO Tunnel

Monitor online the progress of work. Process integrally all site data (quantities, performance, geology monitoring reading, TBM Data). Collect arguments for claim management.

SISO Budget

SISO Budget

Gain greater control over expenditure. Pre-empt possible deviations. Collaborate efficiently with stakeholders.

SISO Persys


Improve the security of night shift construction sites. Organise and plan, Collect information & provide security to its users.



Implementation And Training

SISO provides live demo, design, customization, implementation and training courses

Operations and maintenance

SISO provides supports assistance for general understanding (help desk), troubleshooting or optimisation of processes.

Data Safety & Security

Data is managed on secure cloud server for enhanced safety and security. Information remains safe and confidential by providing access to the platform to authorized users only via access credentials and rights.

Gain access here to 400+ projects undertaken in the past years

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