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Valorizing and capitalizing the quality of collaboration between partners/collaborators within a project will reduce risks and increase the success of your projects. With SISO TEAM you will add value to your projects.

<span>SISO Team</span>


Valorizing and capitalizing the quality of collaboration between partners/collaborators within a project will reduce risks and increase the success of your projects. With SISO TEAM you will add value to your projects.


Our documentation module organizes all project-related documents in a centralized and chronological database, including drawings, office documents, images, videos, emails, comments, data, fax, contracts, correspondence, meeting notes, tasks, decisions, controls, and reports, to streamline the information management process for your construction projects from planning to implementation and exploitation.

Key Features:


Efficiently manage and share project information:

SISO allows you to organize project-related content such as updates, documents, observations, decisions, photos, and videos. Each post includes a description, attachments, comments, attributes, and photos, with the ability to edit, comment, assign tasks, set reminders, and communicate via email or SMS. Additionally, posts can be linked to one another for streamlined organization.

Task management:

Feature allows you to assign tasks to any project team member and set a deadline for completion. The assigned team member will receive a notification via email to ensure timely completion of the task. This streamlines project workflows, increases accountability, and ensures that all tasks are completed on time.

Drawing Management:

This refers to the process of organizing and tracking the various drawings and technical drawings involved in a construction project. This may include architectural, electrical, plumbing, and structural drawings, as well as plans, elevations, and details. The purpose of drawing management is to ensure that all relevant stakeholders have access to up-to-date, accurate information throughout the project, and to improve collaboration and communication between team members.


Platform provides the ability to set individual security settings for each document, such as visibility and permissions, that are stored within the platform. The security settings are flexible and can be extended as needed to meet the specific requirements of each project and user. This feature ensures that sensitive information is kept secure and only accessible to authorized users.

Document Versioning Control:

Workflow keeps track of changes made to each document by implementing version control. You can set the number of versions to be saved for each document, ensuring easy access to previous iterations for comparison or reference.

Tag Management System:

SISO provides a flexible tag management system that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each project. This feature allows for improved organization and categorization of project information.

Document Template:

SISO provides a customizable reporting template to meet the specific needs and requirements of each user.



SISO TEAM streamlines your communication, providing easy and flexible access to relevant contacts within the context of your project. The platform enables you to register and exchange messages, documents, and comments, ask and answer questions, initiate and complete workflows, and more.

Key Features:


Email Notifications:

SISO delivers email notifications to users when new posts are created, allowing for real-time updates and facilitating efficient communication within the platform.

Alert Notifications:

SISO delivers alert notifications via email or SMS for various trigger events, keeping users informed and up-to-date.

File/Document Sharing:

The SISO platform allows for secure and efficient storage and sharing of a vast amount of documents.


SISO Team enables you to create reminders for uploaded posts, documents, and meetings, and you can manage the frequency of these reminders for enhanced organization and efficiency.


SISO Team streamlines project correspondence by centralizing all communications related to the project in one place, providing a comprehensive overview of project interactions and improving overall efficiency.

Schedule Meetings:

SISO Team streamlines the process of scheduling meetings, making it a breeze. Users can utilize the SISO Project calendar to efficiently organize their meetings and receive notifications via email.



SISO TEAM streamlines, tracks and automates business processes such as Quality Management, Project/Quality Manual, Drawing Management, Plot service, Task lists, Meeting Management, Workflow, Automated Reporting, Data Traceability and many others, thereby enhancing the efficiency of business process management.

Key Features:



With SISO, creating and configuring workflows to manage tasks becomes effortless. The platform offers a streamlined and efficient solution for businesses to manage their processes.

Data Controlling:

Each stakeholder in the project has access to their own private workspace on the SISO Teams platform, with the ability to manage and control the data within it.

Data Optimization:

SISO Team eliminates the risk of using incorrect or outdated data by providing all relevant information and data on a single platform, reducing the need for multiple data stores.

Open Space:

SISO offers a free file server accessible to all users, where folders and files can be easily managed with the ability to add, delete, and rename.

Automated reports:

SISO automates the process of generating and sending regular reports via email about completed activities and current progress.

Data Traceability:

Full traceability of documents/drawings including change identification, date/time stamping, author, and distribution.