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World-class Project Governance Solutions

SISO is an information management tool designed by Construction Engineers for Construction Projects

World-class Project Governance Solutions

About SISO

We are a passionate team with extensive experience in both civil engineering and project management. With over two decades of expertise in developing and implementing IT solutions for the construction world. We are committed to delivering project solutions that ensure the success of all your underground construction projects. With our robust and integrated project management tool, we have assisted over 400 construction projects of all sizes and types. SISO designs and implements fully integrated cloud-based information technology solutions for the construction sector. As a result of its collaborative and mobility technologies, SISO unites all project stakeholders with a high degree of flexibility, transparency and efficiency.

SISO is a unified construction project management and Quality Management company knowledge management platform that acts as a single point of contact for the client when interacting with other project stakeholders and enriches the information and experiences gathered throughout the project's life cycle.

About SISO

Our promise

We guarantee effective project management via the use of a cloud-based Geographic Information System and a real-time data management platform. Our platform is built on a methodology and enables a workflow that minimises risk, boosts productivity, and fosters cooperation. SISO saves time and money by significantly reducing the risk of project delays and budget overruns.


Our four pillars of strength

  • Customer Focus - We build open, bidirectional, and ensure harmonious teamwork.
  • Collaboration - We believe that collaboration is the fuel that empowers all project participants to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Continuous Improvement - We are always striving to enhance our Project governance tools and methodologies.
  • Craftsmaship- We have developed and refined our tools based on the knowledge gained from the most notable projects around the world.

Why choose us?

We understand that professional project management is critical to a project's success. SISO takes pride in its project management capabilities and employs a diverse group of highly competent project managers from a variety of technical specialties. We support timely completion of projects with minimum plan deviations by providing training sessions, constant support mechanism, and a helpdesk through which you can raise your grievances. Additionally, we reduce the amount of resources and time you spend on planning and execution of a project. Count on us as a saviour in expediting the progress of your construction project.

Why choose us?