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Welcome to the SISO blog, your go-to source for all things related to Web-Based GIS and real-time data management for tunnel builders. Our platform is designed by tunnel builders for tunnel builders, providing a comprehensive solution that includes products, training, and support functions. With our innovative technology, you can manage your tunnel construction project from start to finish with greater efficiency and accuracy. With these blogs, we'll share the latest industry news, insights, and tips. Stay tuned for regular updates and informative articles that will help you stay ahead of the curve.

 construction project management
1 May 2023 | Construction Project

How to Stay Within Budget During Your Construction Project.

Construction projects can be daunting, especially when it comes to budgeting. However, controlling your budget is essential

tunnel construction project
24 April 2023 | Project Management, Tunnel Projects

The Role of Project Management in Delivering Successful Tunnel Projects.

Tunnel projects are highly complex and require the coordination of multiple stakeholders, including engineers, contractors

Tunnel Project
17 April 2023 | Construction Project, tunnel project

Tunnel Projects Around the World: A Comparison of Different Approaches and Results.

Tunnels are marvels of engineering that allow us to navigate through mountains, rivers, and urban areas while minimizing

managing a large-scale construction project
10 April 2023 | Construction Project

The challenges of managing a large-scale construction project.

Large-scale construction projects are complex endeavors that require careful planning, coordination, and execution. From

technology in modern construction management.
3 April 2023 | modern construction management

The role of technology in modern construction management.

Technology has revolutionized many industries over the past few decades, and construction management is no exception. Modern

conducting a risk assessment in construction
27 March 2023 | Construction Risk Management

The benefits of conducting a risk assessment in construction.

Risk assessment is an essential process that should be carried out in any construction project. A risk assessment identifies

Construction risk management
20 March 2023 | Construction Risk Management

The future of technology in construction risk management.

The construction industry is one of the most high-risk sectors in terms of safety. Construction sites are full of hazards

 Leveraging data to minimize construction risk and maximize results.
13 March 2023 | Construction Risk Management

Leveraging data to minimize construction risk and maximize results.

The adoption of technologies in the construction industry is changing the building business model, improving collaboration

construction site
6 March 2023 | Construction Project, Risk Management

Construct a risk management plan for your construction project.

A construction company will always take some risk on its projects, if not a little bit more. In that regard, it is not

technology in construction project
27 February 2023 | Construction Project, construction management

Utilising technology in construction project management.

Regular and digital technology has advanced rapidly over the past few years, and this trend continues. Numerous businesses

 construction project management
20 February 2023 | Construction Project, Risk Management

Risk management strategies for construction projects

Each building project has its unique mix of hazards and challenges. Unidentified hazards can fatally affect the bottom line

Construction Risk Management
13 February 2023 | Risk Management, Construction Risk Management

Importance of Construction Risk Management

Each building project has its own unique mix of hazards and challenges. However, as all construction companies know

Project Management Information System
6 February 2023 | Project Management information system

Importance of Project Management information system

Owners gain from effective construction project management because it increases the likelihood that the project will be

Project Management Software
30 January 2023 | Project Management Software

All you need to know about construction project management software

Construction projects are well-organised activities. Building a shopping centre or a single-family home are projects with

Project Governance Solutions
23 January 2023 | Project Governance Solutions, Construction Project

Project Governance solutions for construction projects

The complexity of today's building projects is rising along with pressure on costs, schedule, and quality. Therefore, new